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As the Grimoire Pages Turn
(Book 1)

In the mystical realm of the Three Witches Bookstore, a chilling revelation emerges—a lifeless body nestled in the reading nook.

In the quaint world an enchanting bookstore, Octavia Grimstone, a seasoned cozy mystery novelist and witch, finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue. A collision with a memoir writer sets off a chain of events that implicates a colorful cast of suspects, including the town’s mayor, whose menacing threat echoes through a cutting-edge sound system.

The unfortunate demise of a sassy author, known for her revealing witchy memoirs, casts a dark shadow over Octavia and her fellow bookstore co-owners. Complicating matters further is an ancient and cantankerous feline companion, determined to restore the bookstore’s former glory by any means necessary—starting with the removal of two of the three current owners.

As Octavia, a broom-riding witch with a rustic charm, becomes the prime suspect in a chilling murder, she finds an unlikely ally in Witch Doctor Cassius Drake. Together, they must navigate their awkward introduction while battling the curse cast upon the bookstore by the memoirist. Their mission takes on even greater urgency as the lives of the town’s beloved authors hang in the balance.

With every page turned, the specter of murder looms larger, intertwining with potent spells and the forbidden knowledge within an ancient grimoire. As the veil between reality and enchantment grows thin, Octavia finds herself teetering on the precipice of impossibility, where the resolution of the mystery becomes her ultimate test of resilience and magic.

Sass and Seances
(Book 1)

When the spirits speak, she has no choice but to listen.

Emma Janson and her friends are thrust into a world of the supernatural when they gain unexpected abilities. As they approach their fifties, they encounter sights, sounds, and smells that defy explanation.

In the aftermath of her grandmother’s death, Emma finds herself entangled with a paranormal investigation group exploring a haunted house. Their actions awaken an ominous presence, adding to Emma’s growing powers.

Amidst the chaos, Emma crosses paths with Brockton Franklin, a man sharing a strange phenomenon. A magical talisman and grimoire forge an instant connection between them. But what begins as a connection soon transcends into a romantic entanglement orchestrated by forces from beyond.

As evil unleashes its grip, Emma’s friends, her budding romance, and even her own life hang in the balance. Unsure if they are cursed or blessed, each loss deepens their uncertainty. Emma must navigate danger with sass and séances, as she fights not only to understand the voices from beyond but also to protect her own heart.

The loosed evil threatens her friends, her growing romance, and her very existence. As someone or something claims yet another life, they are unsure whether they’ve suffered curses or received blessings. Danger ramps, and Emma struggles, with sass and séances, not only to listen to disembodied voices but to her heart.

In a race to save those in jeopardy, Emma’s newfound abilities thrust her into a battle for survival. With the fate of those she holds dear at stake, she must uncover the truth and confront the malevolence that seeks to consume them all.

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