As the Grimoire Pages Turn

Murder, She Witches Mysteries
Book 1

The first major event at the reopened Three Witches Bookstore goes terribly wrong when the new owner discovers a body in the reading nook.

Fiftyish cozy mystery novelist and spell writer Octavia Grimstone has a run-in with a memoir writer, as do a slew of other suspects, including the local mayor who broadcasts a threat over a hot microphone through the state-of-the-art sound system.

The demise of the bless-her-heart snarky author of the tell-all witch memoir does not bode well for Octavia and her bookstore co-owners. Nor does dealing with the ancient cranky cat set on bringing the bookstore back to its former glory, minus two of the three current owners. (The familiar’s not particular about which witches but insists two must go.)

Octavia and Witch Doctor Cassius Drake get off to an awkward start due to her being a primary murder suspect. As an official broom-riding, countrified middle-aged witch, she is forced to battle the curse the memoirist cast on the bookstore. Yet she must solve the mystery since the lives of other community writers are at stake.

Amid a brewing author group rivalry, the possibility of unexpected romance, and warnings from the centuries-old scraggly black cat, Octavia struggles to finish writing her current cozy. Which seems more and more impossible as murder, she witches, and the grimoire pages turn.

Books in this Series

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