Attitude and Afterlives

Midlife Grimoire and Ghost Mysteries
Book 2

Phantom scents overcome her sensibilities and leave the smell of death harbingers and danger in their wake.

During a delivery to a local funeral parlor, Sloan meets the new funeral director, who sparks her curiosity as well as her interest. Still, when a death flower bouquet arrives, her use of the grimoire grants him a strange ability and an unexpected presence in Sloan’s life.

With her friends in danger, Sloan must follow her nose, which gets her into deeper trouble, leads her to rumors and lies, and reveals a deep-seated vengeance among her neighbors and a rising ghost population.

Thinking her guilty of delivering bad luck bouquets, the citizens turn against Sloan and attempt to force her, the new broodingly attractive potential midlife boyfriend and her friends to leave town.

Something stinks about the way the locals behave, and with Sloan’s newly found clairolfactance abilities, she’s determined to catch a whiff of what’s going on. But despite the fragrance of unexpected sweet romance in the air, she’s dealing with attitude and afterlives and is just a sniff away from losing everything she holds dear.

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