Attitude and Afterlives

Midlife Grimoire and Ghost Mysteries
Book 2

Phantom scents overwhelm her senses, foretelling imminent danger and death.

In the midst of a routine delivery to a local funeral parlor, Sloan encounters the enigmatic new funeral director who piques her curiosity and kindles her attraction. Their interaction and an ancient grimoire bestows upon him an uncanny ability and entangles him in her life.

As Sloan’s friends become targets of a menacing force, she relies on her heightened olfactory powers to guide her through a treacherous path. Her journey leads her into a labyrinth of rumors, deceit, and a growing presence of vengeful spirits.

Branded as the source of ill-fated bouquets, the townsfolk turn against Sloan, her broodingly attractive potential love interest, and her friends, determined to drive them out of town. But beneath the town’s perfumed facade, a putrid secret festers, and Sloan is determined to unravel its scent.

Amidst the tantalizing fragrance of an unexpected romance, Sloan confronts not only the hostile attitudes of the living but also the hauntings of the afterlife. Her clairolfactance abilities sharpen her senses, yet she teeters on the precipice of losing everything she holds dear.

Before it’s too late, Sloan must untangle the truth from the town’s pungent web of lies. With danger lurking around every corner, she embraces her unique gift, her resilient spirit, and her deepening connection to unearth the sinister forces at play before they extinguish all that she cherishes.

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