Cake and Crystals

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 4

Unless she solves the murder of a bridegroom before the wedding cake goes stale, the chance of matrimony vanishes like the ghosts who’ve taken up residence in Willow Hollow.

With Harper Dade’s best friend’s fiancé a possible target, the wedding’s on hold as the local newspaperman goes on the run.

But the would-be groom holds on to his secrets like a dog—or a werewolf—guarding a bone. Thwarted at every turn, Harper struggles to come to terms with her past when her lowlife ex invades Willow Hollow, threatening her budding romance with the town’s mechanic slash wizard.

Bub eavesdrops, sneaks, and creeps to find evidence, but since it’s the full moon, there’s a newcomer vampire added to the suspect list.

As the ceremony approaches, the planned nuptials stall, the bride goes missing, and there may never be a magical happily ever after.

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