Cake and Crystals

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 4

Unravel the sweet layers of a murder mystery as Harper Dade fights to save a wedding and preserve the magical happily ever after in Willow Hollow.

With time running out and the wedding cake growing stale, Harper must unravel the mystery surrounding the murder of the bridegroom. As ghosts linger and secrets whisper, she races against the clock to save her best friend’s happiness.

But the elusive groom-to-be guards his secrets with the tenacity of a bakery watchdog and the cunning of a werewolf. Harper’s every attempt to uncover the truth is met with frustration, especially when her troublesome ex arrives, stirring up old wounds and jeopardizing her newfound love with the enchanting mechanic slash wizard of Willow Hollow.

While Harper grapples with her past, her loyal familiar, Bub, prowls the flour-dusted corners, gathering crumbs of evidence. But as the full moon casts its sugary glow, a mysterious vampire emerges, adding a delectable twist to the ever-growing list of suspects.

As the wedding day looms, the meticulously crafted nuptial plans crumble like a delicate pastry, the bride vanishes, and the chance of a magical happily ever after threatens to melt away. Unless Harper untangles the sticky web of secrets, locate the missing bride, and restore the enchantment to Willow Hollow’s confectionary paradise, love and matrimony may remain forever out of reach.

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