Cupcakes and Conjures

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 1

There’s nothing worse than a witch who can’t magic, except for a bad case of wishcraft, a curse, and the body in the bakery.

Unable to bake any better than she can magic, Harper Dade, in the aftermath of a divorce and the theft of her inheritance, returns to Willow Hollow, Tennessee, where she joins her aunt at the Taste of Magic Bakery.

Suffering a sudden surge of wishcraft that encourages her to become an amateur sleuth, Harper and her newfound familiar search for evidence surrounding the cupcake creation class gone wrong. Together they delve into the murder of an obnoxious ghost tour guide not quite ready to move on.

When the investigation goes awry and the local mechanic—who’s not just a wizard with car engines but an actual wizard—seems interested in her, she struggles to squelch her overwhelming urge to look for clues.

Yet, there’s no turning back when the potential killer targets her and the local shifter newshound with the full moon on the horizon.

With the help of her black cat familiar, Bub, her newly surfacing witchiness, and the quirky citizens of the magically imbued tourist town, Harper’s return to Willow Hollow turns into a recipe for disaster.

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