Donuts and Divination

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 3

Step into the supernatural, delicious delights of Willow Hollow, Tennessee, a tourist town where secrets rise like donuts and magic infuses the air.

When the local sheriff, a towering figure in both size and suspicion, is accused of a heinous murder, Harper Dade, an unassuming witch, is reluctantly thrust into the role of investigator. With her loyal familiar, Bub, by her side, trouble is destined to follow in their flour-dusted footsteps.

As Harper delves into the depths of a decades-old murder mystery, she finds herself navigating a treacherous confectionary of suspects, each with their own tantalizing secrets. But just when she thinks she’s stirring up the truth, a key suspect vanishes, leaving her ingredients for justice incomplete.

Under the scrutinizing gaze of the interim sheriff, Harper battles to restore balance to the magical tapestry that has suddenly gone awry, casting its twisted spells across East Tennessee. Hauntings and spectral apparitions join forces with hidden conspiracies, transforming the picturesque town she once envisioned into a cauldron of uncertainty.

Amidst the chaos, Harper yearns for a simple life, where love may bloom amidst the tasty delights of the Taste of Magic Bakery, alongside the enigmatic wizardly mechanic. Yet, she soon discovers that such desires are but delicate sugar-spun dreams in the realm of the Witches.

With the odds stacked against her like a tower of precarious pastries, Harper wages a race against time. Against a backdrop of wrong-way magic, murder, and mystery, she must summon her cunning and mastery of the mystical arts to uncover the truth that lurks beneath the sugar-glazed surface. Dollars to donuts, this captivating tale of enchantment and danger will keep you spellbound until the very last crumb.

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