Exed & Hexed

Midlife Matchmaker Mysteries
Book 1

Proving ghosts exist can be murder…

With only forty-eight hours to investigate an infamous cemetery caretaker’s house, Paranormal Investigator Marna Langley and her television crew set out to capture evidence of numerous reported hauntings.

But while she deals with unpredictable spirit channeling sessions and a glitchy crystal ball, her ghost-shifting cat alerts her to trouble, and an intrusive supernatural debunker goes missing.

The locals, both living and dead, blame Marna’s handsome co-host. When they film their current Midnight Calls reality television episode, her psychic ghost-hunting abilities burgeon, and she discovers the debunker’s body. Proving the cohost innocent may be impossible because even he believes he’s guilty of this recent murder in Death’s Door, Tennessee.

Murder is psyched, but when midnight calls… who or what will answer?

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