Fondant and Familiars

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 6

In the whimsical realm of Willow Hollow, where every mistake is as glaring as an imperfect fondant layer, Harper’s world falls apart when her mischievous familiar stands accused of a crime most foul.

Bub, the sly black cat with a penchant for secrets is enticed by a delectable cake cloaked in velvety fondant and sprinkled with tantalizing catnip, his presence threatens to reveal more than mere mischief under the enchanting full moon.

Amidst the flurry of the highly anticipated cake decorating contest, a bitter taste of vengeance fills the air, casting shadows of doubt upon the contestants. Armed with her peculiar magic and the uncanny ability to summon ethereal beings, Harper Dade must unleash her inner detective and sift through the sugary clues that lead to the heart of the murder mystery.

Even amidst Harper’s own magical hiccups and the growing weight of the investigation, Crank, the gifted mechanic, plans a romantic escapade aboard his vintage flying wizard car. However, the introduction of his new and unpredictable familiar, a groundbreaking revelation in the realm of wizards, adds a twist of uncertainty to their budding love story.

Should Harper fail to prove Bub’s innocence, the menacing specter of the Better Witching Bureau looms, ready to strip away the town familiars and extinguish her very magic. With the threat of being torn from her beloved aunt’s side and forced to bid farewell to the bakery and her charming wizard mechanic beau, Harper faces a bleak existence in a world where the allure of cake icing holds no enchantment whatsoever. The stakes are at their highest, and she hurtles against time, determined to save her familiar, preserve her magical abilities, and safeguard the unbreakable bonds that define her extraordinary Taste of Magic life in Willow Hollow.

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