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Murder Predicted

A Midnight Calls Ghost Hunter Mystery

After a ghostly threat, time is running out…

In the supernatural haven of Death’s Door, a ghostly threat looms, sparking an urgent race against time for Marna Langley, a determined paranormal investigator.

With her crystal ball missing and her ghost-shifting cat mysteriously absent, Marna delves into a perplexing quandary. As lives hang in the balance, her unique abilities become her only hope.

In the peculiar town of Death’s Door, where the boundary between life and death blurs, Marna unravels spectral secrets. Guided by dire spirit warnings, she discovers a sinister plot orchestrated by an unknown villain, targeting the unsuspecting owner of a local barbecue restaurant. Caught in a treacherous web of deception, Marna must navigate the manipulative vengeful ghosts who blur reality. In her quest for truth, she uncovers the hidden secrets lurking within the tantalizing depths of the restaurant’s signature sauce.

As the hour of reckoning approaches, lives teeter on the edge, intertwined with Marna’s investigation. Supported by her dedicated crew from the renowned Midnight Calls television show, she embarks on an extraordinary journey to unravel the mysteries shrouding Death’s Door. Their unwavering determination and unique skills illuminate the darkest corners of the supernatural realm, but will their efforts come too late?

Magic & Maladies

A Mystic Haven Tea Shop Mystery

A magical tea blend recipe book has been stolen, and an unknown thief targets a not-so-witchy witch.

More than magic and tea blends are on the line when someone changes the spells, and maladies run rampant among the tea shop’s staff and customers.

Fiona Shaw’s unexpected stayover in Mystic Haven, Maine, turns into a hunt for clues, the search for evidence, and a quest for answers.

All the while, midlifer Fiona deals with an ancient orange tabby cat intent on bringing about her witchiness and the unexpectedness of the town made even stranger by another far more sinister crime hanging over her head.

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