Ganache and Ghosts

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 5

Willow Hollow faces its greatest challenge as a semi-reluctant witch’s past and a murder victim return to haunt her.

Which isn’t surprising since a side effect of a lingering curse causes Harper Dade to manifest ghosts. But the current threat to the East Tennessee town brings a cauldron full of danger and is very much alive.

At the end of the trail of ganache-smeared footprints, the victim is not. As she readies to cater a holiday event, Harper discovers her ex-husband’s body and stands accused of his murder.

The house her ex-husband rented holds secrets even the local witches question. As the Hocus Pocus Holiday Gala approaches, a woman claiming to be involved with Harper’s ex-husband and a local ghost uprising cause confusion and mayhem.

If she can’t solve the mystery of her ex-husband’s murder soon, Harper may be forced to leave the Taste of Magic Bakery, those she cares about, and her wizard almost-boyfriend behind.

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