In the Potion Perilous Deep

Murder, She Witches Mysteries
Book 2

When the theft of potion leads to mystery, murder, and mayhem, Octavia and her ragtag bookstore co-owners come together to sleuth the most recent crime in Grimstone Grove.

Welcome to Grimstone Grove where magical missteps lead to deadly consequences and nothing is quite what it seems.

When the theft of an altered potion sets the cauldron bubbling, it’s not just the owners of Three Witches Bookstore who are in peril. A sip of the wrong elixir leaves local businessman dead on the local carousel, and Octavia Grimstone’s friend, the flamboyant potion-brewer Blanche Blythe, becomes the prime suspect in a murder most magical.

Teaming up with her snarky ancient cat familiar, Elzadora, and the local detective—Grimstone Grove’s charmingly bumbling investigator armed with a magic magnifying glass—Octavia must unravel a tangle of secrets and spells. As they traverse the luminous beauty of a salon and the explosive hazards of an alchemy lab, and other quaint small town locations, it becomes clear that everyone has something to hide. The once-cozy community of Grimstone Grove finds itself on the precipice, and friendships, reputations, and possibly lives hang in the balance.

Amidst stolen potions, cryptic symbols, and Southern charms both magical and mundane, Octavia struggles to sift through the clues before another deadly drop is poured. One thing’s for sure. The path to justice is fraught with risk, and if she’s not careful, Octavia and her friends might just find themselves sinking irreversibly in the potion perilous deep.

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