Jilted & Jinxed

Midlife Matchmaker Mysteries
Book 2

A jilted bride, a buried secret, and an unexpected journey into the mystical. She must navigate love, magic, and a menacing presence to unravel the haunting mystery of her midlife years.

After her heartbreaking encounter at the altar, Rose McCuellen finds herself entangled in another extraordinary escapade. A chance meeting with a peculiar psychic matchmaker and the discovery of a buried body in an exotic backyard garden propel her into a realm of mystery and mayhem.

As if Rose’s life couldn’t get any stranger, her nephews’ dog grooming business unexpectedly falls into her lap, leaving her questioning the strange twists of fate. And when the irresistible Gabriel Flynn, the town’s hottest handyman, enters the scene, a group of animated garden statues comes to life, transforming Rose’s world.

Navigating romance has never been Rose’s forte, and her snarky, over-the-top mother only adds to the chaos. But when a menacing demon starts stalking the mischievous creatures wreaking havoc, Rose is forced to confront her true nature as a witch.

However, Rose’s newfound powers come with their own set of challenges. Thanks to a mystical dragonfly brooch, she inexplicably vanishes at inconvenient moments, making it difficult to identify the deceased and pursue her amateur sleuthing endeavors.

As the mischievous gnomes, resembling disenfranchised cupids, continue to play their hand, Rose wonders if their presence holds a deeper meaning. Cloaking herself and embracing true invisibility, she embarks on a thrilling journey with her loyal friends. But will their combined efforts be enough to solve the haunting mystery and outlast the trials of their midlife years?

In a world where supernatural forces collide with everyday life, Rose must confront the darkness lurking within the shadows. She struggles to uncover the truth, protect those she loves, and emerge victorious in the face of uncertainty.

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