Jilted & Jinxed

Midlife Matchmaker Mysteries
Book 2

When having been left at the altar comes behind an encounter with a quirky psychic matchmaker and a body buried in an exotic backyard garden.

Yes, body. Maybe forty-something Rose McCuellen is jinxed because what else could account for her nephews’ dog grooming business ending up in Rose’s childless, jilted lap? Or that when Gabriel Flynn, the hottest handyman in town, shows up, a group of animated garden statues invades her life?

She hasn’t a clue, doesn’t do romance well, and struggles to deal with her snarky, over-the-top mother. Yet with a demon—yikes—stalking the little creatures causing havoc, Rose must face the fact she’s a witch.

One that, because of a dragonfly brooch, disappears at inopportune times, which doesn’t help when trying to identify the deceased or while amateur sleuthing.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence the mischievous gnomes look like disenfranchised cupids. But with Rose cloaked and welcoming true invisibility, whether she and her friends solve the mystery and outlast their midlife years remains to be seen.

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