Mood and Mediums

Midlife Grimoire and Ghost Mysteries
Book 3

Seeing the dead doesn’t prepare her for looking death in the face.

When gaining unexpected supernatural abilities has her seeing dead people for real, Meredith Silverstone clings to her upbeat mood as if it were a life preserver. Still, her feelings sink fast when she and her friends take a three-day cruise on a riverboat filled with supernatural sights no one should see.

The boat’s haunted, and the river holds more than the dead as an unnatural creature stalks the decks, making their voyage unsafe and docking along the river bank impossible as more and more passengers disappear.

Clairvoyance wasn’t on Meredith’s wish list with taking a cruise and getting her life back to normal. Yes, her previous day-to-day existence was on the empty side, but she never expected to catch sight of an attractive riverboat captain who knowingly ferries the dead, as well as living passengers. The grimoire she and her friends share bolsters Xavier Wynn’s existing supernatural ability and sparks a connection with her.

Meredith can’t see their way out of their supernatural mess or stop viewing him as something more than a riverboat captain. As she and her friends struggle to accept Meredith’s heightened moods and her medium abilities, there’s no end to the hauntings and deaths aboard the boat in sight.

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