Mood and Mediums

Midlife Grimoire and Ghost Mysteries
Book 3

Seeing the dead doesn’t prepare her for looking death in the face.

Blessed with unexpected supernatural powers, Meredith thought seeing spirits was her new normal. But when she embarks on a three-day riverboat cruise with her friends, she enters a realm of supernatural phenomena that shatters her optimistic façade.

The boat teems with restless spirits, and an ominous presence lurks in the shadows, preying on unsuspecting passengers. As disappearances multiply and safety becomes a distant dream, Meredith’s upbeat mood wanes.

Clairvoyance was never on Meredith’s cruise itinerary. She yearned for a return to normalcy, not a captivating encounter with the enigmatic riverboat captain who navigates the realms of both the living and the dead. Bound by a shared grimoire, Xavier Wynn’s existing supernatural abilities entwine their fates.

Trapped in the clutches of the supernatural, Meredith struggles to reconcile her shifting emotions and newfound mediumistic powers. With no escape from the horrors that plague the boat, she can’t help but see the riverboat captain as more than just a mere captain.

As the relentless hauntings and fatalities escalate, Meredith and her friends grapple with the weight of her volatile moods and their connection to the spirit realm. In the abyss of the paranormal, salvation seems elusive, and the end to their otherworldly ordeal remains out of sight.

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