Murder Deja Vued

Midnight Calls Ghost Hunter Mysteries
Book 3

From the depths of past ghost hunting adventures, an old case emerges to haunt Marna Langley and the relentless Midnight Calls crew.

In a treacherous twist of fate, an ill-fated investigation leads Marna to once again confront the malevolent poltergeist that once sought to claim her very life. Even her ethereal connection with the departed cannot shield her from the shocking accusation of murder.

Yet, within the towering confines of the two-story Holiday Emporium nestled in Ghosten Valley, a menacing presence looms. Sinister entities of immense power hold sway over a young woman, the wellspring of the poltergeist’s terrifying energy.

Festive decorations morph into sinister grave markers, while specters from Marna’s haunted past eclipse the joyous holiday spirits. As the season of celebration draws near, a ghostly uprising swells, threatening to engulf the town that the Midnight Calls crew now calls home.

As the watchful eyes turn upon Lil, a ghost-shifting cat, Lil’s extraordinary abilities ignite a tempest of scrutiny. Marna grapples with the unsettling realization that she, her enigmatic almost-boyfriend cohost, and their steadfast team are plunged into a perilous battle where the odds are stacked against them. In this realm where the supernatural reigns supreme, their chances of emerging unscathed flicker like the fleeting apparitions within a ghostly waltz.

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