Murder Deja Vued

Midnight Calls Ghost Hunter Mysteries
Book 3

When you’re at Death’s Door, you never know who—or what—will come knocking.

An old case comes back to haunt Marna Langley and the Midnight Calls crew. When an investigation goes wrong and Marna once again faces the poltergeist that nearly took her life, not even being able to commune with and channel the dead can rescue her from being accused of murder.

But the two-story Holiday Emporium in Ghosten Valley hosts some big, bad entities who have a young woman, the source of the poltergeist energy, under their influence. Decorations become grave markers, and ghosts from Marna’s past overshadow holiday spirits. As holiday celebrations approach, a ghostly uprising burgeons in the town she and the Midnight Calls crew now call home.

When Lil, the show’s feline mascot, comes under scrutiny because her special abilities are revealed, Marna realizes she, her almost-boyfriend cohost, and her team don’t have a ghost of a chance to come out of this supernatural investigation unscathed.

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