Pie and Potions

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 2

Unveil the tantalizing secrets of Willow Hollow, where magic weaves its spell, betrayal bakes in the heart of the fair, and murder lurks beneath the sweet surface of the pie contest.

In the enchanting town of Willow Hollow, where magic lingers in the air and secrets lie hidden, fledgling witch Harper Dade finds herself entangled in a sinister web of pie-filled peril.

When a prominent contest judge meets an untimely demise in the midst of the Springtime Magic Fair, Harper’s beloved aunt becomes the prime suspect, threatening not only her aunt’s innocence but also the livelihood of the entire town. With the local bear shifter sheriff casting a skeptical eye, Harper embarks on a sleuthing journey to clear her aunt’s name and unravel the truth.

As she follows the twisted breadcrumbs of the investigation, Harper uncovers long-buried conspiracies that send tremors through the witching community. With each clue she unearths, a curse tightens its grip on her, testing her abilities and putting her very existence in jeopardy.

In the midst of her tumultuous journey, a potential romance with a captivating wizard mechanic adds another layer of complexity to her life. Yet, with each failed spell and burnt pie, Harper’s resolve remains unyielding as she races against time to ensure that the murderer faces their just desserts.

With the destiny of Willow Hollow resting on a witchy whisk’s edge, Harper must knead her courage and blend her untapped potential to unmask the lurking killer. As doubts rise like failed dough, she fears her imperfect enchantments won’t uncover the truth and shield her beloved town from crumbling under the weight of the darkest secrets within Willow Hollow.

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