Pie and Potions

Witches of Willow Hollow Mysteries
Book 2

Living in Willow Hollow, Tennessee, can be murder, with a slice of pie on the side.

When a contest judge takes an eternal nap in the middle of the pie entries, fledgling witch Harper Dade’s aunt stands accused. With more than the success of the Springtime Magic Fair and the town’s businesses on the line, the local bear shifter sheriff considers her aunt a prime suspect.

As Harper delves into clues and stirs the ire of local witches, she unearths conspiracies better left buried. She’s left with a curse, a newfound friendship with a sasquatch and Bub, her familiar. Despite her attempt to play amateur sleuth and Bub’s helpful hints, Harper fears she doesn’t have a ghost of a chance to solve the mystery.

A defective witch, Harper struggles to face the truth about her heritage and deal with a possible romance with a wizard mechanic, but still can’t cast a successful spell or bake an edible pie.

Yet she must, for the sake of Willow Hollow, make sure a murderer gets their just desserts.

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