Whom the Crystal Ball Chooses

Murder, She Witches Mysteries
Book 3

One murder, multiple confessions. Dive into a magical mystery to discover whom the crystal ball really chooses.

When a bewitched crystal ball at the Three Witches Bookstore casts a spell of shocking revelations, multiple confessions to a singular murder surface, plunging the idyllic small town into a whirlpool of suspicion and fear. Octavia Grimstone, a former teacher and now amateur sleuth, once again finds herself untangling a web of intrigue. Together with her fellow bookstore owners, Blanche and Violet, as well as their ancient feline, Elzadora, Octavia delves deep into the mystifying case that threatens to tear the community apart.

Adding another layer to the unfolding drama is Cassius, a the temporary witch doctor and coroner who’s inexplicably keen on the bookstore’s new collection of magical tomes. His sudden interest coincides ominously with the town historian Dr. Larkspur’s mysterious death and the disruptive confessions. Is he a harmless enthusiast, or does he have a darker agenda? Octavia can’t shake off the feeling that Cassius knows more than he lets on, and that makes him someone to watch closely.

With the crystal ball as enigmatic as the crimes it purports to solve, Octavia must navigate through a maze of disturbing secrets, age-old grudges, and intricate spells to uncover the real murderer. The townspeople hold their breath, waiting for another revelation, but only Octavia can solve the puzzle and reveal whom the crystal ball truly chooses.

Prepare to be swept off your feet by this enthralling tale of magic, betrayal, and long-buried secrets. The question isn’t just who did it, but whom will the crystal ball choose?

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