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Sass and Seances
(Book 1)

When the spirits speak, she has no choice but to listen.

Granted the ability of clairaudience in an unexpected supernatural encounter, Emma Janson shares strange abilities with her friends. In their mid-forties and barreling toward fifty, never would they have expected to hear, see, and smell things that, from a worldly perspective, don’t exist.

After the recent passing of her grandmother, the last thing Emma needs is a paranormal investigation group delving into what they’ve deemed a murder house and awakening something sinister.

Amid her burgeoning powers, she meets an intriguing man also affected by the strange phenomenon. Through the magic talisman and grimoire they find, there’s an instant connection between Brockton Franklin and Emma. While romance was not part of her midlife plans, those from the otherworld have something else in mind.

The loosed evil threatens her friends, her growing romance, and her very existence. As someone or something claims yet another life, they are unsure whether they’ve suffered curses or received blessings. Danger ramps, and Emma struggles, with sass and séances, not only to listen to disembodied voices but to her heart.

Fondant and Familiars
(Book 6)

There’s not enough fondant in Willow Hollow to cover her amateur mistakes, especially when her familiar is accused of murder.

Bub, a black cat familiar, knows that some spells are not meant to be spoken aloud. But when tempted by his favorite fondant-frosted cake with catnip sprinkled on top, he’s not one to keep his mouth shut during the time of the full moon.

Someone’s using the cake decorating contest as sweet revenge, and suspects point blame toward one another. Despite her quirky magic and off-kilter, ghost-raising abilities, Harper Dade must rally her sleuthing skills to solve the mystery of the cake-decorating contestant’s murder before every witch in Willow Hollow loses their familiar, and the town bans Bub and his pals from Willow Hollow forever.

Despite Harper’s witchy glitches and the murder mystery, Crank, the mechanic, intends to sweep Harper off on a romantic getaway in his classic flying wizard car. But his new familiar—a first for the wizard—puts a wrench in their dating plans.

If Harper cannot clear Bub, the Better Witching Bureau will banish the familiars and snuff out her magic. She’ll be forced to leave her beloved aunt, say goodbye to her new wizard mechanic boyfriend, and live in a world where cake icing holds no magic at all.

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Laugh-Out-Loud Mystery Series

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