Murder, She Witches Mysteries

Magic Bookstore Whodunits in the town of Grimstone Grove, Tennessee.

Step into the enchanting world of the Three Witches Bookstore, nestled in the heart of Grimstone Grove. Here, amidst the shelves laden with arcane tomes and whispers of forgotten spells, Octavia Grimstone and her co-owners embark on a journey into the shadows of East Tennessee. But beware, for murder lurks within these mystical pages, as secrets unfold and magic, she witches. Join Octavia, her loyal companions, and the cantankerous ancient cat as they unravel the tapestry of mysteries that taint this bewitched haven. In a realm where every chapter holds a bewitching twist, the Three Witches Bookstore unveils a world where the line between reality and illusion blurs, and danger lurks behind every spellbinding page.

Recommended Reading Order:
Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3

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