Murder Ghosted

Midnight Calls Ghost Hunter Mysteries
Book 2

All Hallows’ Eve, a residual haunting and a murder… Welcome to Death’s Door, Tennessee.

The revered All Hallows’ Festival comes to a screeching halt when an overbearing pumpkin-carving contestant meets her untimely end.

As an unidentified ghost wanders the winding paths of the corn maze, eternally seeking her way out in a never-ending residual haunting, Marna Langley, psychic medium and cohost of the Midnight Calls television show, must investigate the current mystery along with the paranormal.

In a town built on supernatural secrecy, witnesses and suspects alike thwart Marna’s efforts to solve the murder. While danger threatens the life of her beloved niece, Marna’s efforts to keep Bridget safe go terribly wrong, and the hauntings at the All Hallows’ Haunted House rages out of control and rocks the very foundations of Death’s Door.

When midnight calls… who or what will answer?

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