Murder Ghosted

Midnight Calls Ghost Hunter Mysteries
Book 2

Beneath the moonlit veil of All Hallows’ Eve, an eerie tapestry of residual haunting and murder unfolds, shrouding the town of Death’s Door, Tennessee in supernatural intrigue.

As the coveted All Hallows’ Festival descends into darkness with a shocking demise, the ethereal echoes of an unidentified ghost reverberate through the twisting paths of the haunted corn maze. Trapped in an endless cycle of restless wandering, she yearns for release, forever lost in a spectral prison.

Marna Langley, renowned psychic medium and intrepid cohost of the mesmerizing Midnight Calls television show, must harness her supernatural gifts to unravel the enigmatic web of this chilling mystery. But in a town cloaked in secrecy and teeming with suspicious characters, Marna’s quest is met with relentless opposition, both mortal and otherworldly.

As danger looms over her beloved niece, Marna’s desperate attempts to safeguard her family go awry, plunging Death’s Door into a dire storm of haunting specters. The All Hallows’ Haunted House becomes a nexus of supernatural energy, threatening to shake the very foundations of the town.

When the clock strikes midnight and the veils between realms thin, Marna, along with her Midnight Calls crew and ghost-shifting cat, must confront the ominous call echoing through the darkness. Within this shadowed realm, who—or what—will heed the midnight call?

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